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A Bohemian Backyard Birthday

Posted on April 16 2019

If you know us at all then you know we love to entertain and celebrate! Last week was Allie's birthday and her 4th annual bohemian backyard birthday party. A ladies only evening under the stars, in bohemian chic attire (barefoot, of course!), gathered around a large floor table surrounded by candlelight... with bottomless champagne! Sounds amazing, right?!

By power of persuasion, Allie was able to convince her hubby several years ago to build a 12 foot long floor table... complete with comfy floor pillows! It's the ultimate table for gathering friends and family around. This boho soireé kicks off with appetizers and champagne once guests arrive on Allie's patio (with some great tunes playing!). After some mingling and lots of selfies later... a delicious menu is prepped and ready for the dinner festivities to begin! The next several hours are spent gathered around the boho table... filled with a sunset sky, great conversation, belly laughs, champagne toasts, and dessert (lemon blueberry cake, YUM!)! Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Allie's hubby and Dad are helping serve food and drinks (and doing dishes!). Big thanks to Allie's Mom each year for always sharing her talents with beautiful floral arrangement and centerpieces!

This year we had to improvise and move indoors due to the soggy weather (and the pollen apocalypse!). What better place to serve dinner (for 20!) than in our cozy craft corner?! After rearranging some furniture, adding more white Christmas lights, lots of candlelit lanterns, and a gold glitter backdrop... the ambiance was so dreamlike you could hardly tell we were sitting on a garage floor!

The dinner menu this year was Taziki's Signature Pasta (so good!), bacon-wrapped pineapple dipped in barbeque sauce, spanakopita, mango salsa and pita chips, raspberry brie tartlets, and rosemary sourdough bread. Dessert included Ukrop's Strawberry Chiffon Cake & Lemon Blueberry Cake.

Once dinner and toasts were enjoyed we shifted the table outside so the dance party could begin! New to this year's celebration, a flat screen TV mounted in the garage for karaoke! We sang and danced into the wee hours of the morning. Delicious piping hot pizza was served for our midnight snack. The pouring rain didn't stop this celebration! OH what a night it was!

Here's the backyard setup (from a few years back!).





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