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Back To School Mom Hacks

Posted on August 28 2019

In the spirit of back to school season, today we're featuring our back to school prep checklist. Organizing the beautiful chaos of mom life is our love language. Getting back into the groove of a school routine can be quite an adjustment for families after a long summer break... it can bring along feelings of excitement, overwhelm, stress, and maybe some tears (your babies are growing up!).

A little disclaimer... everyone's schedule/routine will be different depending on how many kids and the age differences. Do what works best for you!

We've established some mom hacks along the way to help streamline the back to school transition. We hope this is helpful for you to save time and money! Anything we're missing on our list that you want to share? Comment below!

Be sure to scroll down to watch the replay from our live chat yesterday (on the Rappahannock!).

Back to School Mom Hacks

  • Set a bedtime routine 1-2 weeks prior to school starting. This will help kiddos get back on track after a long summer of likely late bedtime hours. One fun neighborhood idea -- do a "practice run" the morning before the big day. Get up early, get dressed, and walk to the bus stop at the correct pickup time then mingle with donuts! Try and wake up an hour before the kids to give you some "me time" and a quiet cup of coffee before the busy day begins. Have a great morning playlist for upbeat music in the house once everyone is awake.
  • Order school supplies (clothes & shoes too!) online and have them delivered or ready for pickup. Buy extra backups to have on hand. Such a time-saver! Don't forget to label everything with name, initial, or monogram. We can help with that! Click here :)
  • The night before... layout clothes (bonus points for prepping the entire week ahead!) and organize backpacks (sign any forms, complete homework, etc.)
  • The night before... prep breakfast and lunches. Meal prep is a game changer! Having ready-to-eat muffins, breakfast burritos, oatmeal, etc. is quick, healthy, and painless. Kiddos can eat it while on-the-go to school! Leftovers are a great lunch too!
  • Speaking of meal planning... a go-to list of recipes for quick and easy dinners is a great idea! All things crockpot and InstaPot are in our future! Take it one step further and set your menu on Sundays to prep for the entire week (order online and pickup!). Pinterest is great for recipes and inspiration.
  • The night before... shower /bath kiddos. Do their hair, if needed, while they're eating breakfast.
  • Have a designated area for all things school. Backpacks, school paperwork, shoes, etc. This way when your kiddos get home from school they drop everything here so it's not randomly dispersed around the house. Here you can keep school forms, homework, bills, a noteboard, coupons, etc.
  • Have a designated homework area. This can be at the kitchen table, dining room, a table in their room. It's best to have this in an area where it's quiet, clutter-free, with little to no distractions (for obvious reasons). You can fill a drawer with any necessary supplies they may need. Set a timer and offer incentives for the kiddos to finish homework and/or chores.
  • Have an after-school snack station. Many times kids come home from school starving! You may want to have a designated bin in the pantry or countertop with healthy snack options for them to dig into once they get home.
  • While on the topic of after-school... try and set a routine for when they get home from school so children know what to expect. Do they play outside? Have one-on-one time? Down time? Start homework right away?
  • Plan a carpooling schedule with other moms (or dads). If your kids don't ride the bus this is a great way to save time and everyone still gets to school on time.
  • Have a go-bag ready for afternoon activities. Perfect for dusting off that diaper bag and filling with all of the necessities for surviving those sports practice nights (snacks, waters, coloring books for littles, fidgets, card games, and a blanket!).
  • Keep a container in the car to use as a landing spot when en route to school. This will keep water bottles, school projects, snacks, school supplies, seasonal items (gloves, hats) etc. organized and ready to grab. Go ahed and give your car a fresh cleaning before the 1st day back to school
  • If you have an iPhone, use Siri to set your reminders, calendar appointments, etc. It's like having a personal assistant while on-the-go!

Again, everyone's school season is different... do what works best for your family. Try one or all of these mom hacks to feel prepared. Hang in there, you're doing great!



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