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Bulk Custom Orders • Workflow

Posted on April 01 2019

Hi friends! We recently tackled one of our biggest custom orders yet! Cheers! As busy boy-mamas and business owners, we knew we could tackle the project (in addition to shop orders) because of our seamless workflow. So, today we thought it would be fun to take you behind-the-scenes and tell you about how this large custom order went from idea to completion.

It took some dedicated hours in our cozy Craft Corner to plan/prepare/execute this large custom order to ensure we could divide and conquer the workflow + meet (and exceed!) our customer's need-by date. For bulk orders such as this we request at least 3-weeks notice to allot buffer time for graphic design work, ordering supplies, project creation, and shipping.

First, we chatted with our fabulous customer about how we could help. She was attending a conference tradeshow and needed 200 vinyl decals (to include in registration packets) + 18 coffee cups/tumbler cups with an embellished vinyl decal on each. Great!

Missy and I then drafted up some mock-up designs in Cricut Design Space and emailed them to the customer for approval. Once we got the green light we ordered supplies.

We created a fancy-schmancy Excel spreadsheet with formulas so we could easily plug in how many decals we needed to make (and how many we could fit on 1 large mat) and it automatically generated how much vinyl and transfer tape we needed to order for this project. We now have this for future large orders which is awesome! We're such nerds! LOL! We hope to make this spreadsheet template available in our online shop soon (as a digital download) so fellow crafters can utilize this helpful resource for their projects! Comment below if this is something you'd be interested in!

Supplies needed:

  • Cricut Maker (this is the Cricut we use -- it's gold and, it's AMAZING!)
  • 200 decals = we found that we could fit 10 decals per 12"x24" Standard Grip Mat
  • We needed 480" of white vinyl (eight 5' rolls) + teal vinyl for the coffee cups/tumbler cups. We purchase all of our high-quality vinyl from 651Vinyl
  • We needed two 25' rolls of transfer tape (for the 200 decals)
  • We used our weeder tools, trimmer, and scissors
  • We ordered labels so we could create custom labels to put on the backside of each decal. These labels included a link with instructions on how to apply their decal, as well as, our logo and website link (branding!)

Once all of our supplies arrived in the mail, we organized everything on a large table, prepped the materials, and got to work! To have a seamless production line, we cut all of the vinyl and transfer tape in advance. It was going to take 20 of the 12"x24" Standard Grip Mats loaded with vinyl for the 200 decals (that's a lot of cutting!). When one mat was loaded in the Cricut Maker and cutting (on Fast Mode!)... we would prep the next mat with vinyl so it was ready to load next, and so on. Due to the detail of the design, it took roughly 30-minutes for our Cricut Maker to cut 10 designs (times that by 20!). Let's just say our Cricut was tired after this job! :)

While our Cricut was cutting a new mat we would peel the vinyl off of a completed mat, weed the designs (peeling away the excess vinyl from the design), apply the transfer tape, apply the label on the back, and so on!

We each tag-teamed the various tasks (with 80s music playing in the background!). We lucked out with some warm, sunny weather so we opened up the garage door and enjoyed the breeze. Spring is coming soon y'all!

Since our production line was so well organized we finished up this custom project 6 days prior to our customer's need-by date. We always aim to exceed expectations! :)

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