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Our Craft Corner Tour

Posted on June 03 2019

Today we're going to give you a tour of our cozy *new and improved* Craft Corner! This is our longest blog post to date but it's packed with a detailed breakdown of our Craft Corner, a pull-back 360˚ image of Allie's entire garage, and more! So... keep reading!!

You may have watched us live a while back or watched the replay (on Facebook or YouTube) when we gave a quick tour during our grand re-opening launch week. Well, guess what?! We recently did an expansion to our Craft Corner (yes, we're slowly taking over the "man cave" in Allie's garage, LOL!). So! We're excited to share it all with you for the first time today!

Now, if you know us at all, we love to organize! Like our girl, Emily Ley with Simplified, says... "give everything a home." So, everything in our workspace has a specific home where we store like items together in one place (so we can grab it fast when we need it... and then put it right back in its place). The inspiration behind our Craft Corner was for it to be cheerful, inviting, inspiring, practical, efficient, and obviously adorable! We typically meet three times per week in this space (sometimes more!) and each time we're excited to get to work and inspired to create!

Is our craft corner always this neat and tidy?! Yes. Ha! Unless we're in the middle of a project it's an (organized) hot mess! Regardless, at the end of each "CC Meetup" (i.e., Craft Corner Meetup -- what we call our weekly meetings)... we tidy up and put everything back in its place (and wipe everything down) so we have a fresh start the next time we meet.

Before we dive in... we wanted to fill you in on a secret(!!)... we have some FUN plans in the works to one day host a Sip & Shop open house event. We're SO excited for the opportunity to meet and mingle with our local customers and followers. Stop by for refreshments and desserts, explore our Craft Corner, browse some of our best-seller products (with the option to purchase on-site), and of course we'll have some fun giveaways and freebies too! Comment below if you'd be interested to attend!! :)

Here is an overview of how we organize our Craft Corner (scroll down for photos!):

  • Desk #1 - Since October, we used to only have this writers desk space to work with (aside from the bi-fold table we would pop up during large orders). Purchased at Through the Garden Gates Antiques. It quickly became cramped with order we were working on so it was time to add another desk! Similar desk found here.
  • Desk #2 - This was part of our expansion project! In early March, the hunt was on to expand our desk space so we could spread out (and better organize!) our go-to tools. Instead of going the DIY route, our neighbor was offering this beautiful pine wood Ikea desk (for free!) to the neighborhood... DONE! We love it! The storage space is great (deep drawers!) and it's very sturdy (perfect for iron-on projects!). We have our Cricut Maker and EasyPress2 on the desktop. Along the left-side drawers, jewelry making supplies, computer paper + printable vinyl, labels, and various binders for our expenses/receipts, business forms, etc. The center drawer has various chargers/cords, candies/mints, chapstick, and lipgloss (for when we go live on Facebook/Instagram or when we're recording!). The right side of this desk has new replacement blades and ... for when we need to swap tools out, as well as, all of our gift wrap supplies. Above this desk we have 2 Pottery Barn shelves holding various decor (likely from HomeGoods, Marshalls, and/or Hobby Lobby) to spruce up the area.
    • White Dresser - This was a labor of love put together by our hardworking hubbies. It's anchored to the wall (because... toddlers!) and stores our shipping supplies (scale, envelopes, labels, business cards, thank you notes, etc.) along with any current orders we're working on. Purchased via Facebook Marketplace. Similar found here.

    • Rolling cart - We use this amazing storage cart daily! It stores all of our scrap vinyl, leather, etc. so we can quickly access for small (or personal) projects. Purchased on Amazon.
      • Pegboard - This pegboard is huge! Like, gigantic! It was installed in Allie's garage prior to her moving in and has never been properly utilized... until now! A fresh coat of paint gave our Craft Corner a POP of color! We're obsessed! We utilize this pegboard mainly as a backsplash for holding decor like our yellow confetti from launch day, a music note (we're karaoke queens!), and our letterboard... but it also holds our go-to Cricut toolsand all of our (neatly organized!) iron-on vinyl, faux leather, and self-adhesive vinyl. We love having all of our vinyl out on display so we can quickly grab what we need for a project... but it also helps in making us more aware when we're running low on inventory (so we can order more!). We use various sizes of pegboard hooks to hang everything onto the pegboard. On the wall next to our pegboard we hang our Cricut cutting mats (a variety with various grip strengths depending on what material we're cutting). Also on the wall here we store Cricut's EasyPress Reference Guide (laminated, of course!), as well as, Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet. Above the pegboard we have a large banner on display of our logo... and we love it!
      • Cabinets - This too was part of our expansion project! These custom cabinets were installed prior to Allie moving into her home in 2012 (in addition to the checkered custom flooring -- we love our dance floor, LOL!). Now having access to cabinet space has been a game-changer! We love us some useful storage! On the left side, we store all of our craft supplies (cardstock, chalk paint, brushes, glue gun, etc.). On the right side, we store all of our "blank items" -- these glasses, cups, hats, shirts, etc. are items ready we've purchased (or local customers have dropped off) to be embellished with vinyl by yours truly!
      • Storage bins - We try to keep bin storage to a minimum since we have lots of storage options with our desk, dresser, and cabinet space. We have 3 medium-sized clear bins. One to store excess overflow "blank items" (products we have in stock that has yet to be embellished). Another to store our USPS shipping boxes, bubble wrap, and our adorable new pink pineapple shipping bags. Lastly, one more bin for our seasonal Christmas items (stored underneath desk #2) which conveniently holds our printer on top.
        • Yellow mailbox - Of course we had to include this cutie in our tour! For local customers, we offer a pickup option (they can also drop-off items too!). Whether it's a custom order or something from our online shop, we email pickup instructions to our local customers when their order is ready! This yellow mailbox was a labor of love! Purchased on Craigslist for a whopping $10. It always puts a smile on our face to put a homemade craft inside and pop the red flag up for a customer to then come scoop up. It's been a genius addition to our workflow and we love it!

        Lastly, if you scroll all the way down this blog post you can see a pull-back 360˚ image (never shown before!) of Allie's entire garage. It was recently given a fresh coat of paint to give our room a more finished/polished look. Here you can see the "big picture" of our entire space (we utilize it all!). We use the white deep freezer as extra surface space for organizing orders. We use the refrigerator for chilling snacks and champagne, LOL. We often cozy up on the loveseat sofa to have our brainstorm coffee sessions. We hope to one day utilize Apple TV on the 40" Samsung TV for impromptu workouts and yoga sessions... but if we're being real honest... it's mainly there for late-night karaoke lyrics, LOL! Work hard, play hard!

        We hope you enjoyed today's blog post (+ our freebie download!) and that you feel a little more connected with us, our story, and our Craft Corner home sweet home! Cheers!!



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