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Iron-On Shirts • Custom Order

Posted on March 20 2019

In case you missed it on our Facebook and Instagram pages this past weekend, we recently tackled our first large bulk order iron-on project! Woo hoo! Now that our customers have had their grand reveal with these shirts (!!)... we can share them with you!

A local family surprised another family at their son's hockey tournament (this past weekend!) with a crew all wearing these US Senate shirts to cheer him on! He aspires to be in politics one day. Wouldn't that be cool if he did and we were a part of his story. Scroll down for the group photo! :)

This custom order was one we call a "drop-off/pickup order." Local customers that dropped off their pre-washed shirts to our Craft Corner and we designed and professionally applied the vinyl designs for them (using our incredible EasyPress2!).

Which sidenote, we do not offer "iron-on decal only" orders where the customer applies the iron-on design themselves... iron-on projects have very specific instructions with regards to what product you're using, what specific vinyl to use, temperature, length of time, type of pressure, etc. to ensure a long-lasting lifespan of the vinyl design. Also, since it's unlikely our customers have an EasyPress2 (to apply the vinyl design the right way!)... a simple in-home iron just won't do the trick (in our opinion!). We take pride in our skills and providing an overall experience with our customers so we do the work for them! Peace of mind for us and for our customers is a beautiful thing!

We loved this custom order because it came with some challenges that we were happy to take on (and learn from). Mainly due to it being a 2-color design (each with its own separate line alignments) and the shirt sizes ranged from large to 2XL.... so, we had to be spot-on with our attention-to-detail to ensure each adult shirt matched and was properly aligned. This is one of many reasons why we love being a duo-team because we are able to cross-check our work as we go!

Once the vinyl design was approved, our navy and red iron-on vinyl arrived, and the shirts were all pre-washed/dried... we were ready to go!

We used our large 12"x24" Standard Grip Mat so we could cut 2 shirt designs at once. Since this was a 2-color project, we tweaked our vinyl cutting strategy on our Cricut Maker. We setup the iron-on vinyl into "sections" on our large mat and matched it to our computer screen layout in Design Space (like tetras). This way we could cut 2 colors at once! Huge timesaver! Thanks to our trusty Cricut EasyPress2 (the 12x10"!), we were able to complete this large homemade custom order design with ease!

We attached a Care Card to the tag of each shirt, folded them nicely into a box, and delivered them to the customer. Scroll down for a peek at the completed project!

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