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New Year... New Look!

Posted on March 04 2019

Cue the confetti...!!! Welcome to our *new* online home for The Crafty Neighbors! We are SO excited to have partnered with Shopify to take our homemade craft dream to a whole new level of AWESOME! Today we're going to share our why behind this new website launch and fill you in on the key highlights of what's new!

Back in October, nearly 6-months ago (!!), we celebrated the official launch of opening our online shop... it was our very first website which was powered by Square.

So why a new website?! Why now?!

Well! While our first website was free to host and simple to setup (which was great for our startup momentum!)... over time, we learned it came with many limitations for us as the business owners and for *YOU* as the customer.

For example... we only had a 1-screen website... we didn't have the freedom of having multiple webpages to spread out our content and better organize it all. Nor did we have the capability before to add custom text boxes for customers to input their initials for monogram orders or include their vinyl color preference... which then lead to lots of back-and-forth emails to "complete" an order prior to actually working on it. These are a few examples among many...

We knew back in October that "phase 2" of our business was to build and launch an official website... we also knew that it would take time to get it setup the right way. We've come a long way since October and learned a lot about what changes we needed to put in place to make everything run even smoother.

We want our customers to have more of an experience in shopping with us! We don't have a storefront (maybe one day?!)... we're online... so we want to go above and beyond to provide a personal touch! We want our customers to feel welcomed when they visit our online home where they can learn more about us, our services, and overall have a pleasant online shopping experience so they keep comin' back... and they bring their friends too! :)

After much research... many, many brainstorming hours, late nights, lots of coffee (and chocolate!)... we're excited to welcome you to our new and improved website powered by Shopify.

Shopify is the go-big-or-go-home mac-daddy platform for e-commerce businesses... we are blown away by all of the new features and flexibility at our fingertips for our new online shop! Dare we say that it puts Etsy to shame...!

We chose to manually migrate our shop over which took more time but it helped us learn the ins-and-outs of Shopify so we're now ready to rock n' roll!

So, what's new with our shop?! Let's take a tour, shall we?!

  • We now have a homepage! First impressions are key in the e-commerce business! Instead of our "old" shop diving right into our products... instead customers now feel more welcomed and can scroll down to more easily learn about us, our services, featured products, join our mailing list, and more!
  • We also now have separate "about us" and "contact us" pages. We love that we can now spread out our content and customers can more easily get in touch with us.
  • Our custom order form is now embedded into our website with links to our font and color charts + our latest portfolio. Fancy!
  • We now have the capability to have "banner text" at the top of our website for announcements & discount codes!
  • The global search feature at the top of our website is clutch! Easily type in a keyword of what you're looking for and voilá!
  • Our site is now mobile friendly. Boom!
  • Our lengthy but informative Shop Policies are now included on our website (at the footer)
  • Upon checkout... customers can more easily choose "local pickup", opt-in for shipping updates, more flexible payment methods, and more!
  • For our awesome repeat customers... you can now create a VIP Customer Account at the top right-hand portion of our website or upon checkout... this is a game-changer! Faster checkouts, password-protected customer info., check order history, current order status, and more! Ease of doing business my friends!
  • Drumroll please... we now have a BLOG! We are super excited about this! We plan to write often on various topics including business, personal, behind-the-scenes, DIY tips, mom life hacks, and more!

As if that wasn't enough... we have *NEW* features specifically within our online shop!

  • Customers can now browse and filter by collection, featured products, alphabetical order, best-selling, etc.
  • Customized text boxes on product pages to input initials (for monogram orders), vinyl color preference, etc. These text fields are required prior to checkout so we have all info. we need to start your order... no more back-and-forth emails and even quicker turnaround!
  • Now offering blank products as an add-on upgrade to your order for those that want the one-stop-shop experience (versus decal only). We have a variety of wine glasses and coffee mugs to choose from
  • Color charts are now embedded on each product page. So awesome!
  • We have new products including our Inspire Collection. Much of our why behind this business is to empower and encourage others to be more intentional, more present, and to choose joy in their day... this collection does just that! Our Celebrations Collection offers custom glitter cardstock banners and cake toppers for any special occasion!

That pretty much sums up the highlights! We're pretty excited about this if you can't tell! Cheers to this milestone in our business adventure. As always, thank you for your love and support! Scroll down to watch our cute little commercial below + our Facebook/Instagram LIVE chat replay! :)

 Facebook/Instagram LIVE chat replay from March 4th



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