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  • Apparel Blanks • Hobby Lobby

    Apparel Blanks • Hobby Lobby

    Another Fashion Finds installment for you!! Hobby Lobby is another great go-to for apparel blanks. "Blanks" in the vinyl world is any blank item that we can put heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on. They offer a...

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  • Design Ideas on Blank Apparel Items...

    The pressure is on when you have the cutest blank apparel item and you don't know what design to put on it! Fear no more... we have a handy list of ideas below. Gift...

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    Design Ideas on Blank Apparel Items
  • Apparel Blanks • Walmart Fall Haul

    Apparel Blanks • Walmart Fall Haul...

    We love to splurge every now and then... but for the most part we love shopping for clothes on a budget! We are TJ Maxx and Marshalls gals all the way! You too?? We'd...

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  • Introducing... "Fashion Finds"!

    Introducing... Fashion Finds! A new blog series on seasonal, comfy, and affordable (clothes and accessories). Perfect for on-the-go moms and families. Tips on where to shop the latest "blank apparel" trends + "show...

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    Introducing... "Fashion Finds"!
  • 90+ Ideas on Items We Embellish

    90+ Ideas on Items We Embellish...

    Fabric, metal, wood, plastic, glass, and more! We are excited to help you think outside the box with today's blog post feature... Ideas on what all we can embellish! Vinyl, paint, etching, oh my!!

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