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Toddler Entertainment at Home

Posted on March 18 2020

Hi, friends! Allie here! Anyone else have stir-crazy toddlers at home during this Coronavirus quarantine?? I have 2 & 3.5 year old boys... and they are like two energizer shamrocks these days!

When the weather is nice we're almost always in our backyard playing... but when it's chilly or rainy outside here are 15 go-to INDOOR activities to entertain your toddlers...

  1. Build a fort: Use chairs, pillows, and blankets to build a small structure together. OR setup a camping tent for an indoor campout. Read his/her favorite book inside (use flashlights to add to the fun!). Don't forget their favorite lovies too!
  2. DIY Obstacle Course: Gather pillows, toys, chairs, and other safe objects to create an obstacle course. Jump, crawl, roll, etc. to get those toddler wiggles out!
  3. Virtual Playdates: FaceTime a friend from school or daycare and let them babble and chat away!
  4. Bake: Put on aprons and a chef hat and try some new, fun recipes!
  5. Balloon toss: Blow up some balloons, toss 'em in the air, and don't let them touch the ground.
  6. Bubble Wrap: Never underestimate the power of a dance party on bubble wrap!
  7. Games: "I Spy", "21 questions", "Simon Says", and puzzles!
  8. Paper-bag puppets: Decorate and put on a show!
  9. Find the Toy: Describe a toy using shape, color, size, and sound. Challenge your child to find it as fast as they can.
  10. Glow Stick Bubble Bath: Turn the lights out in the bathroom for a glow-in-the-dark bubble bath!
  11. Build towers: Use jumbo blocks, Leggo's, Amazon and/or wholesale boxes and build a massive tower... knock it all down... then do it again!
  12. Music time: Make your own instruments (pots and pans!) then lead a marching band parade throughout your house.
  13. Fine Motor Play: Use a strainer/colander and color pipe cleaners to connect the dots.
  14. Sort colors: Using toys, ball pit balls, Fruit Loops, etc. to organize and sort into colors.
  15. Clean Up: Sing a song that encourages cleaning! Race to see who can clean up the fastest and have a dance party at the end!

Comment below with YOUR ideas! We would love to hear them! :)




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